March 2016

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, former president of Ghana John Agyekum Kufuor and UN Special Envoy on Climate Change Mahama Ayariga receive The Ecosystem Promise at

Conference 'Forests for the Future, New Forests for Africa'

Conference-Congo-Basin-Forest-Partnership-Yaounde-CameroonOn March 16 and 17 the inter-national Conference 'Forests for the Future, New Forests for Africa' took place in Accra, the capital of Ghana. 150 government officials, bankers, entrepreneurs in the forest sector, scientists and representatives of NGO’s and local communities met to discuss, share and agree on steps to translate the Paris COP 21 commitments on greening the African landscape (the AFR 100 Initiative) into concrete actions.

The organizers provided all speakers with a copy of the book The Ecosystem Promise. Among them were former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan; John Agyekum Kufuor, former president of Ghana and UN Special Envoy on Climate Change, Mahama Ayariga.

The conference was initiated by the Dutch forestry consultation company, Form International, the sustainable forestry plantation company, Form Ghana, Center for Sustainability of Nyenrode Business University , based in The Netherlands, in close cooperation with The Forestry Commission Ghana and the World Resources Institute and supported by Dutch Development Bank FMO and the Finn Fund.


June 2015

15th Conference of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership in Yaoundé

From June 15- 19 the Conference Center of Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé hosted 600 representatives from ten countries in Central Africa and from countries abroad to discuss protection and sustainable management of forests in the region and safeguarding wildlife against poaching.

Meindert Brouwer had been asked to give a presentation in the green economy sessions. Four ministers and two traditional rulers accepted his book The Ecosystem Promise in person. For more information about the conference, scroll down.


Conference-Congo-Basin-Forest-Partnership-Yaounde-CameroonConference Congo Basin Forest Partnership Yaoundé, Cameroon June 15-19 2015.


Minister-of-Forests-and-Wildlife-in-Cameroon-Mr-Ngol-Philip-NgweseMinister of Forests and Wildlife
in Cameroon, Mr. Ngolè Philip Ngwese.


Minister-of-Agriculture-and-Rural-Development-of-Cameroon-Mr-Lazare-Essimi-Menye.Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Cameroon,
Mr. Lazare Essimi Menye.


Conference-Congo-Basin-Forest-Partnership-Yaounde-CameroonFrom left to right:
His Royal Majesty Nfor Tanyi Robinson, Secretary-General of the Pan African Council of Traditional Authorities;
His Royal Majesty Mvondo Bruno, coordinator of RECTRAD, the organization of traditional rulers who are engaged in protection of the environment and sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Africa;
Aline Kana, coordinator of the youth in ten countries in Central Africa, who are engaged in environmental protection;
the Honourable Essola Etoa Louis Roger, Chairman of the Conference on Ecosystems in Dense and Humid Forests in Central Africa (CEFDHAC).


Minister-of-Forests-of-the-Central-African-Republic-Madame-Isabelle-GaudevilleMinister of Forests of the Central African Republic, Madame Isabelle Gaudeville.


Minister-of-Forests-of-the-Republic-of-Congo-Mr-Henri-DjomboMinister of Forests of the Republic of Congo, Mr.Henri Djombo.


Conference, continuation:

Under the umbrella of the Organization for Wildlife Conservation in Africa OCFSA, the organization of protected areas in Central Africa RAPAC and the Congo Basin Forest Partnership, representatives of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, the island state of São Tomé e Principe and Canada, European Union, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States, and international organizations such as African Wildlife Foundation, IUCN, Wildlife Conservation Society, WWF, FAO and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA.

The end of the week saw the inauguration of the Congo Basin Institute in Yaoundé, in which IITA and the University of California in Los Angeles UCLA set off as partners in conservation research and tropical agricultural research:

Agro-ecology (the science of the relationships between crops and their environment), improvement of yields and poverty alleviation are main solutions to keep forests standing.

Main sponsor of the Congo Basin Institute is the Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation.

May 2015

Interview about the economic value of sustainable use of nature

In Belgium A.S. Magazine of A.S. Adventure Outdoor & Action published a big interview with Meindert Brouwer. The interview focusses on the economic value of sustainable use of nature in the US, Scotland, China and Vietnam and then zooms into the Amazon rainforests and the role of consumers in greening the economy. In bilingual Belgium the interview was published in French and in Dutch.

April 2015

Universities from all over the world purchase The Ecosystem Promise

Universities from all over the world have purchased The Ecosystem Promise, including University of Cambridge, Chinese Academy of Forestry, University of California, Nyenrode Business University the Netherlands, CERSGIS University of Ghana, Austral University of Chile, Central European University Hungary, Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand.

‘Written in an accessible way, The Ecosystem Promise is an excellent introduction to the economic value of ecosystem services for highschool and university students and for all who are interested in the subject.’
René Boot, Professor in Sustainable Tropical Forest Management at Utrecht University, the Netherlands and director of Tropenbos International.

More reviews

November 2014

Meindert Brouwer gives inspirational lectures about the economic value of nature conservation and building with nature.
The lecture includes a power point presentation with examples from all over the world and film about the Amazon rainforest and ecosystem restoration in China. The lecture is based on the book The Ecosystem Promise.

“Sometimes a source of inspiration comes to you. On a Friday night early November 2014, at my neighbours house in Noordlaren, the living room packed with 25 people, Meindert Brouwer showed me a new way of looking at the benefits of standing forests. His story and logics made me even more convinced that nature and economics can go together. So, what’s stopping us? I will certainly look for an opportunity for my students to get inspired by Meindert Brouwer too.”
Dr. Monique Schoondorp, lector new business and energy Hanzehogeschool-college, city of Groningen and managing partner Algaecom, the Netherlands.

“I really enjoyed your presentation and got inspired! I fully agree with your communications approach in forest communities.”
Cécile Ndjebet, president of REFACOF, the African Women’s Network for community management of forests, Edéa, Cameroon, at the international PES-conference of ITTO and FAO, San José, Costa Rica, April 2014.

October 2014

PES on the rise in Southeast-Asia
Book The Ecosystem Promise much in demand

Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) are on the rise in Southeast-Asia. This is one of the conclusions at the International workshop on Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) in Da Lat City, Vietnam, 14 -16 October 2014.
For example, near Da Lat City people of an ethnic minority receive payments from a governmental fund for protecting the forest they live in. In this case forest protection contributes to the supply of drinking water and hydro-electric power.

The PES-workshop was organized by AFoCo (ASEAN-Republic of Korea Forest Cooperation) and VNForest (VietNam Administration of Forestry).
Government representatives, scientists and forest professionals from Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Republic of Korea and Japan (ITTO, International Tropical Timber Organization) took part.


Meindert Brouwer from the Netherlands had been invited as a keynote speaker and moderator.
At the PES-workshop his book The Ecosystem Promise was much in demand and will be taken to top level authorities in Southeast-Asia.
AFoCo, Mr. Lee Yeong-joo:
VNForest, Dr. Nguyen Ba Ngai:
ITTO: Dr. Ma Hwan Ok:
Booking of presentations about communications of PES, Meindert Brouwer:


April 2014

The Ecosystem Promise distributed to 95 countries

As of April 30, 2014, the book The Ecosystem Promise, an introduction to sustainable use of nature around the world and payments for ecosystem services, has been distributed to 95 countries on all continents.

guardian srticleDr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Founder and CEO of the NGO Save The Elephants, based in Kenya, and his daughter Saba Douglas-Hamilton, chair of the Future for Nature's International Selection Committee,  receive a copy for the library of Save The Elephants. Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton  is one of of the world's foremost authorities on the African elephant. Saba Douglas-Hamilton is a wildife filmmaker and trustee of Save The Elephants. For information about their outstanding work, visit and Interview with Saba Douglas-Hamilton.

Photo: Roy Borghouts Fotografie


April 2014

PES Forum Costa Rica

At the international conference on Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) in Costa Rica's capital San José April 7 – 10, representatives from 60 countries, Meindert Brouwer's presentation about promotion of sustainable use of tropical forests and payment for ecosystem services was well received.

guardian srticleElements of Meindert Brouwer's presentation are part of the declaration, issued at the closure of the conference by FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; ITTO, the intergovernmental International Tropical Timber Organization, and FONAFIFO, Costa Rica's  Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal. 

For information on the PES Forum, visit





August 2013


guardian srticle

After taking note of the book
The Ecosystem Promise, The Guardian asked Meindert Brouwer to write a piece about how NGO’s can motivate companies to act in a nature friendly way. The audience is the online community of Guardian Sustainable Business. You can find the piece at:

July 2013

The English Bookshop in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi sells The Ecosystem Promise.



April 2013

Meindert Brouwer travelled to the Far East to give lectures about ‘New economics, based on nature’, the theme of the book The Ecosystem Promise. In Shanghai, Brouwer participated in an event of Green Drinks China, supported by the Dutch Consulate General. Other lectures took place at Kyushu University in the city of Fukuoka, southern Japan and at IUCN Japan in Tokyo. Audiences consisted of business representatives, government officials, ecologists and ecology students. Discussions proved to be meaningful, especially about different views on nature in different cultures.

presentation in shanghaiPresentation in Shanghai. Left: moderator Huub Buise, Deputy Consul-General of the Netherlands in Shanghai. Right: Dr Jean Marie Cishahayo of the China-Africa Program on Local Economic Development.

‘Well build up presentation with beautiful slides, highly appreciated by 100+ participants.’
Huub Buise , Deputy Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Shanghai

signing book at IUCN Japan Signing books at the Japan Committee for IUCN in Tokyo. From left to right: Eri Kato, IUCN Japan: Tetsu Hattori, NEC Corporation and NGO CEPA, Japan; Teppei Dohke, secretary Japan Committee IUCN and Yoji Natori of Conservation International in Japan.

‘It was a very informative presentation, followed by an exciting discussion with Mr. Meindert and the audience.
He explained how to value nature and how to mainstream biodiversity into decisionmaking.’

Teppei Dohke, Secretary of Japan Committee for IUCN


With Professor Tetsaku Yahara at Kyushu University,  JapanWith-Professor Tetsaku Yahara at Kyushu University,  apan With Professor Tetsukazu Yahara at Kyushu University, Fukuoka, southern Japan. Professor Yahara is Co-Chair of the Asia Pacific-Biodiversity Observation Network.

March 2013

presentation in shanghaiNeil McIntosh, Eurosite’s Head of Network Services, thanks the speakers for their contribution at the Natura 2000 Monitoring Workshop in the city of Swansea, Wales, providing each of them with a copy of The Ecosystem Promise. Eurosite’s mission is to exchange, enhance and promote expertise in the management of sites for nature, throughout Europe. The Eurosite network comprises 62 member organisations from 21 European countries.

February 2013

UN Peace Ambassador and worldfamous primatologist Jane Goodall – ‘Godmother of the chimpanzees’ – accepts The Ecosystem Promise at the ceremony of the Future for Nature Awards in Burgers Zoo, the Netherlands. Visit and read about her Roots & Shoots Programme.

Jane Goodall

January 2013


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon received The Ecosystem Promise at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum 23 -26 January 2013 in Davos.
Others who received The Ecosystem Promise at the World Economic Forum, include
Dutch Prime Minister Marc Rutte,
Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs of Turkey Ali Babacan,
Minister of Economic Development of Italy Corrado Passera,
Minister of Trade & Industry of South-Africa Rob Davies,
Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences recipient Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia Business School,
Nobel Peace Prize recipient and micro-finance pioneer Muhammad Yunus [picture attached],
Majority Leader of the US House of Congress Eric Cantor,
Chief Financial Officer of Pepsico Hugh F. Johnston,
CEO of Accenture in Germany Frank Riemensperger,
CEO of Vopak Eelco Hoekstra,
CEO of ING Group Jan Hommen,
President of GLOBIS Business University in Tokyo Yoshito Hori.


Pavan Sukhdev receives Ecosystem Promise

Nobel Peace Prize recipient and micro-finance pioneer Muhammad Yunus.

November 2012

At the international conference 'Future of Banking' of Dutch Development Bank FMO in Amsterdam, UNEP's Goodwill Ambassador, Pavan Sukhdev from India, accepted The Ecosystem Promise in person.

Pavan Sukhdev receives Ecosystem PromisePavan Sukhdev is study leader of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB), launched by the environmental ministers of G8+5 countries. He is founder-director of the green accounting project GIST (Green Indian States Trust) in India. Pavan's latest book, "Corporation 2020: Transforming Business for Tomorrow's World", calls for new ways for corporations to operate, and in a new regulatory landscape.
Picture: Daan Zuijderwijk.

Have a compelling experience:

watch and listen to Pavan Sukhdev addressing the economic value of nature at

October 2012

New reviews:

The Ecosystem Promise is a very attractive and informative book for everyone who is interested in the integration of ecology and economics. It presents thought-provoking views of many leaders in the field and gives examples of best practices from all over the world which makes the book a very important and practical resource.
Rudolf de Groot, Associate Professor with the Environmental Systems Analysis Group at Wageningen University, the Netherlands and Chair of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (

There is no doubt The Ecosystem Promise is a must read for any person interested in restoration of the environmental integrity of our ecosystems.

Mr. Foster Mensah, Executive Director, Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services (CERSGIS), University of Ghana

The Ecosystem Promise is an excellent introduction to the subject of ecosystem services. It clearly explains what these services are and how they work. The necessity of valuation of ecosystem services is convincingly put forward as essential for making the right decisions about ecosystems and sustainable development.
The difference between ecosystem services valuation and markets is made very clear, and rightfully so: the role of conventional markets for these ‘common goods’ is highly questionable, while the value of ecosystem services is without any doubt. The Ecosystem Promise presents many examples of new initiatives, mechanisms and views that bring inspiration and induce reflexion. An entertaining book!
Simon Runia, Advisor for climate projects (, the Netherlands

September 2012

Center for Sustainability of Dutch Nyenrode Business University provided libraries in Ghana with copies of The Ecosystem Promise.

Nyenrode Business University provided libraries in Ghana with copies of The Ecosystem PromiseFuseini Yakubu, head of the Biodiversity Education Garden Centre in the Mobile Library project in Northern Region of Ghana, receives copies from Tineke Lambooy, associate professor Environmental Corporate Governance at Nyenrode's Center for Sustainability.

Peter Dam, PES-coordinator in Papua New Guinea writes: ‘The Ecosystem Promise is a beautiful and very interesting book and certainly relevant for our work here.’

Te Kuwaha, the Maori Environmental Research Team in New Zealand orders the book.

August 2012

Nyenrode Business University’s Center for sustainability in the Netherlands orders 75 copies for distribution at an international forestry conference in Ghana.

July 2012

The Ecosystem Promise Book presentation
Prominent Dutchman Herman Wijffels in his capacity as
Co-chair of Worldconnectors in the Netherlands, accepts The Ecosystem Promise from editor Meindert Brouwer. At the left: Herman Mulder, Chairman
Global Reporting Initiative.
At the right: Willemijn Aerdts,
Co-chair Worldconnectors.

Foto: Ed Lonnée


Wetlands International distributes The Ecosystem Promise at the Ramsar worldconference on wetlands in Bucharest 2 – 14 July 2012.

June 2012

The Ecosystem Promise was launched at the UN Summit on Sustainable Development Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro. High level officials accepted the book in person.

Book presentation at UN Summit From upperleft, clockwise:
Secretary-General of the UN Rio+20 Summit Mr. Sha Zukang, UNCTAD’s Secretary-General Mr.Supachai Panitchpakdi, Director-General of IUCN Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Executive Director of International Tropical Timber Organization ITTO Mr. Emmanuel Ze Meka.


The World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) adopted The Ecosystem Promise at its venue at Rio+20. President Peter Bakker handed out copies to guest of honour Prince Albert II of Monaco and CEO’s and Chairmen of multinationals, including CEO Paul Polman of Unilever and Chairman Jochen Zeitz of Puma.

The Ecosystem Promise Book presentationUN Summit Rio+20. Prince Albert II of Monaco receives The Ecosystem Promise from Peter Bakker, president of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development.

he Ecosystem Promise starts to travel around the World.

Book presentation at UN Summit
At Rio+20 The Ecosystem Promise and its content have started to travel around the world. Rio+20 participants of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, England, USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and other countries have taken the book The Ecosystem Promise back home.