The Ecosystem Promise in 10 sentences

The Ecosystem Promise explains how ecological economics creates
new opportunities and solutions in business and in society.

Cover The Ecosystem PromiseThe Ecosystem Promise

1. Is an international book for the general public, entrepreneurs and policy makers about a new trend: assigning financial value to nature and payment for ecosystem services (PES) that Nature has in store.

2. Explains the values of ecosystems and the benefits of ecosystem services.

Services such as food, water, medicinal plants, pollination of crops by insects, climate regulation, regulation of water flows, drought and flood protection, waste treatment, opportunities for tourism and more.

3. Shows how nature conservation and restoration contribute to water supply, food security, poverty alleviation, health, human well-being and new jobs.

4. Presents the vision of top scientists, conservationists, entrepreneurs and local people around the globe.

5. Inspires with cutting-edge information, gorgeous design and 228 full colour pictures.

6. Shows that investments in nature conservation and restoration are business opportunities.

7. Presents best practices of nature restoration on all continents.

8. Shows that making use of the services of nature in a responsible way is often much cheaper than building installations and maintaining these.

9. Informs how to include natural capital in the balance sheet.

10. Serves as a global guide with useful websites and contact details of stakeholders around the globe in the network section.

Editor Meindert Brouwer

Meindert Brouwer
Meindert Brouwer (1951) is an independent communication consultant and writer from The Netherlands. He specializes in developing and implementing innovative communication and marketing concepts for nature conservation, sustainable development and development cooperation. His previous book Amazon Your Business / Opportunities and solutions in the rainforest has received excellent reviews and has been distributed to 88 countries.
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